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Purchase online Gree inverter air conditioner from DWP Home

Gree is serving as the top manufacturer of the best AC inverter in Pakistan for more than three decades. The purpose of endless efforts is to provide our customers with the best inverter AC in the hot season and high inflation season as well. Whatever the market trend for split AC price in Pakistan has been followed, Gree has maintained its high market performance through dope before and after-sales services. We are here for you even after-sales for repair and replacement if required. In addition to this, we are receiving huge positive customer feedback about the performance and durability of our inverter AC.

Best Inverter AC in Pakistan with G-10 technology

Gree air conditioner is designed to work with the least power consumption and a power correction factor is up to 99%. 2-ton inverter AC, 1.5-ton inverter AC and 1-ton inverter AC with three to four variants each are designed using the latest G-ten generation technology. The 2-ton AC price in Pakistan is too costly, however, Gree is offering all inverter ACs at affordable prices. Moreover, Gree has a special discount for a 1.5-ton inverter AC price in Pakistan. Whereas special offer is there for 1-ton inverter AC price in Pakistan.

Energy-intensive and 99% power correction

Gree is successful in bringing you the best companion for both seasons. So, extreme power load in the summer season is not a problem anymore. Startup voltage and running voltage is as low as 130 – 140 V. Power saving up to 60% and 3D airflow blow away both problems. Elegant finishes and beautiful designs enhance the grace of your place. We have put an eye on every aspect of your life. Do not waste the opportunity to get the best inverter AC in Pakistan.

Energy-intensive and 99% power correction

Gree is successful in bringing you the best companion for both seasons. So, extreme power load in the summer season is not a problem anymore. Startup voltage and running voltage is as low as 130 – 140 V. Power saving up to 60% and 3D airflow blow away both problems. Elegant finishes and beautiful designs enhance the grace of your place. We have put an eye on every aspect of your life. Do not waste the opportunity to get the best inverter AC in Pakistan.

Effective cooling/heating with the pollution-free approach

Gree inverter AC is engineered to perform well with fast cooling and heating systems. The compressor works efficiently without making noise. Hence, it contributes towards a pollution-free environment. Moreover, the cooling agent used is also green gas i.e. R410A Eco-Friendly Refrigerant gas. Purchase online Gree inverter air conditioner from DWP Home

Cost-effective Inverter AC price in Pakistan

The first European standard air conditioner in Pakistan is coming to your doorstep at a low-budget cost. We have all types of air conditioners for you i.e. from floor standing AC type to split AC type with both inverter and fixed speed categories as well. To check for the details about inverter AC prices in Pakistan visit the DWP Home webpage or visit the sales point around your area.

Tips and suggestions for enjoying more time with the best Inverter AC

Here are some of the tips for you as a suggestion for the long life of your air conditioner. Before purchase take an account of the size of the room where you want to fit the inverter AC. The right choice of size of the room in contrast with inverter AC capacity is an important aspect for optimum performance. 2-ton inverter AC is the best choice for medium to larger rooms whereas 1-ton inverter AC is suitable for smaller rooms. Likewise, 1.5-ton inverter AC is the best choice for medium size rooms. Lastly, hire an official service person for the installation of electronic devices. In short, remember three things.

  • Size of room
  • The relevant capacity of inverter AC
  • Skillful service person

We are here for before and after-sales services and the provision of premium quality inverter AC.

Best Inverter AC with long life warranty

Along with all the other perks of premium quality, Gree offers the best performing inverter AC with a 3 to 5 years long life warranty. This is an ideal condition for those who look for the best at any cost.

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EcoStar/UHD/Andriod/Smart LED TV

The worlds leading brand of electronics is here to let you enjoy leisure time with unlimited entertainment access. EcoStar is bringing the best-LED TV in Pakistan with multiple entertainment features. We offer more specifications at less TV prices in Pakistan. EcoStar has Unlimited entertainment access with ease through android LED TVbeen providing its best services to people for more than ten years. It has immense experience of customer satisfaction and high market repute value.

Enjoy and Download Unlimited apps and media share

EcoStar is taking entertainment to the whole next level. This android LED TV has built-in features such as Bluetooth, google play store, one-button access apps, chrome cast, etc. Bluetooth 5.0 enables the user to connect as many as five devices to enhance the experience. It is here to let you enjoy a wireless experience to forget conventional entertainment accessories. One button access app includes licensed Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video and Google Play. Chrome cast enables you to share your memories and media on a big screen from your palm device.

UHD Video quality and premium DTS TruSurround Sound

4k video quality and ultra HD picture quality with perfect sound quality gives a real-time rich experience of entertainment. It feels like a home cinema. High-resolution video quality makes you forget to blink your eyes. This is a perfect feature even at a low 40-inch LED price in Pakistan. Big entertainment at a small cost.

Elegant design and attractive frame LED TV for your beautiful house

EcoStar is well aware of your taste and aims to add more elegance to your house interior. Our android TV is stylish and attractive. Its beautiful frame adds richness to the culture of your room. Enjoy entertainment time with EcoStar android LED TV in a stylish and eye-catching way. Moreover, our LED TV range has multiple designs and textures to facilitate you with opting best matching LED TV for the pattern of your house.

True gaming partner is at arms length

EcoStar is here with android TV which has all capabilities of being a true gaming partner. It has a quad-core 1GHz processor with extra memory and storage capacity. Moreover, quad-core Mali GPU 450 and 16 GB RAM is perfect for becoming a pro player in your favorite games. Will you get such premium specifications at such a low 50-inch LED price in Pakistan? Get your best gaming partner at a reasonable price from us.

EcoStar offer low-budget Android LED TV price in Pakistan

LED price in Pakistan is increasing due to immense upgrades in the approach of the majority population. LED TV prices in Pakistan by EcoStar are low-budget. It is now easy to purchase premium quality for less smart TV prices in Pakistan. There is an offer for free home delivery on big products as well. It is a golden opportunity to grab your favorite LED TV.

Free installment and discount offer by EcoStar

EcoStar is proving itself to be your best money saver. We offer free installments on the actual product cost of 55-inch LED price in Pakistan. This offer is valid for big LED TVs. However, the 42-inch LED price in Pakistan may also contain the same perks. There are many discounts offered in the package of 32-inch LED TV prices in Pakistan. The 32-inch LED price in Pakistan by EcoStar is quite reasonable with a lot of accessories as well. For information about the product, prices and purchase options, you may visit the DWP Home webpage or click LED TVs by EcoStar Promise Crystal Clear Picture Quality You may also meet and talk to our customer representative agent.

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Do you want to incorporate the best floor-standing ACs in Pakistan that can not only bring a luxurious feel into your home but also withstand harsh weather? Then, look at none other than Gree. The floor standing ac of Gree manufactured with innovative specifications is all up to give you the comfort that you expect from it. They come with European SECOP compressors that work very well to keep the air cool. Moreover, the evaporators filter the air and separate them for swift cooling. As the marketing performance and reputation of Gree are mesmerizing which is why, it is one of the leading brands in Pakistan, so if you want to buy a floor-standing ac then Gree knows very well how to provide premium products in budget-friendly options! Lets see some of the newest features and the benefits it brings along that Gree includes in their floor-standing ac.

A New Era A New Trend- Inverter Air Conditioners

Whether you want to hunt a 2-ton inverter air conditioner or a 3-ton inverter air conditioner, Gree has got some exotic ranges giving you the freedom to choose from. One of the key advantages that you will observe at first glance in these air conditioners is the less energy and power consumption by the inverter floor standing Acs which certainly means fewer electricity bills, and we know all you want is this! Moreover, the temperature is adjusted by the change in the speed of the motor. You can set it ON, OFF, or MODERATE. They also adjust the temperature of the room according to the desire. They are also safe for residential wirings such as homes, restaurants, resorts, and more. As they are safe for small and large spaces, you can effortlessly incorporate them. Being more energy efficient, then provide more effective cooling.So, if you want to buy the best inverter ac in Pakistan, choose your dearest product from Gree. So, if you want to buy the best inverter ac in Pakistan, choose your dearest product from Gree.

A Revolutionary Feature of Vertical Cross-Flow Fan

Besides, comprising inverter technology, Grees floor-standing ACs also comes with another catchy specification of a vertical cross-flow fan which enables stable airflow output, and quiet operation. Now, you dont have to hear the unwanted noise of the operational working of the floor-standing ACs. Even at low flow rates, the high airflow would not only give more cooling but also save energy. As we know that cross-flow fans are widely used for uniform airflow, which is why these fans give right-angled airflow, enabling you to install them in corners too for space saving. The 4 way of airflow allows you to turn the fans on every side you want. This attractive feature comes in 2-ton ac, 3-ton ac, and 4-ton ACs too, so pick up the one that you required.

The Affordability Factors Speaks All!

If you are perplexed that you want to buy a cost-effective floor standing ac but dont want to invest so much, then Grees floor standing acs has got you covered in this regard. We know that inflation caused the air conditioner prices in Pakistan to sky-kissed. But dont worry, the acs by Gree are all built up to provide leisure and comfort in one pack. If you want to buy a 2-ton ac and are confused by the 2-ton ac price in Pakistanthen dont hesitate to check Grees economical options, It doesnt matter if you are buying an ac for a big family, or small family unit, the pioneering, and imaginative specifications that Gree brings along are exceptional. So, dont think twice while looking up for Gree to purchase economical floor-standing ACs.

Grees DC Inverter ACs Built With Latest Specs

We know that the DC inverter is manufactured in a way to heat or cool your room within no time as compared to the non-inverters air conditioners as they operate on the variable speed of the compressors, which enables them to do so. Furthermore, the DC inverter AC price in Pakistan is not budget-friendly, but Gree has an amazing collection that will leave you in awe. The inspiring and sleek designs speak for their premium quality. And the embedded latest techs do all the magic.

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With the advancement in science and technology, people are opting for the newest innovations and making their lives convenient. The need for upgradation in home appliances has compelled everyone to choose the perfect equipment. Be it an electric tea kettle for making tea or coffee or a juicer blender machine for drinking tasty smoothies and fresh juices. Every person wants to look for the latest machine manufactured with more appropriate functions to bring comfort to their table. So, being one of the foremost brands in Pakistan, Ecostar got you covered. It not only provides the finest appliances built-in with much ease and revolution but is also made with a catchy appearance.

Best Sandwich Maker in Town

If you are looking for an appropriate machine that can assist you to make delicious sandwiches within no time, then Ecostar comes in handy in this situation. With the help of these sandwich machines, You can now make two sandwiches at a time that are best curved and look mouth-watering too. The non-stick floor of these sandwich makers would not let your bread be caught by it. So that you can have a smooth operating system. The thermostat controlling function would automatically low and high the temperature according to the requirement. The sandwich maker built by Ecostar also has a light indicator to make you informed that your meal has been ready or in process. Besides these very attractive specifications, they also have a cool handle so that your hand wont catch the heat. The prices of these sandwich machines are very affordable and pocket-friendly. All the features mentioned above made these the choicest sandwich maker in Pakistan.

Electric Tea Kettle That Should Not Be Missed

Who says a luxurious vibe can only be felt by home décor and interior? You can still have royal feels in home appliances specifically for everyday devices such as kitchen accessories! Ecostar exactly provides its customers with what they look for! Their motto of “no compromise on quality” has made many repetitive customers. The price of these electric kettles in Pakistan is very economical. Made with premium resources, these electric tea kettle has a lid-opening function manually. In addition to this, it also has an on/off, and light indicator to let you know about your boiling water. We all know that the electric kettle price in Pakistan that comes with innovation, comfort, and style is not budget-friendly. But as Ecostar take care of their clients, that is why providing the best tea kettles is their ritual.

Sleek-Designed Juicer Blender Machines

Looking for a premium designed best juicer blender in Pakistan that not only provides ease but also makes yum-yum juices instantly? Then, you should not go anywhere, as Ecostar has leading juicer blender machines as well. Besides the plastic pusher, glass jar, and grinder, it also has stainless steel for a smooth spinning cycle. Moreover, it also comes with a detachable to make the cleaning process very effortless. One of the best and very attractive feature, these juicer blenders have is the motor that protects the machine from overheating. They basically operate on two functions. On, and off, and the pulse function let you take a quick pause too. Running on 500 W copper wire, these juicer blenders come 3 in 1. This means you can have a blender, and a juicer at one time. These juicer blender prices in Pakistan are cost-effective. So, do yourself a favor, and lets modernize the living style a bit!

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